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Home Theater Ceiling Star Decals – glow in the dark stars for entertainment room, man cave, tv and games room, family room and billiard room

Home Theater Ceiling Star Decals – glow in the dark stars for entertainment room, man cave, tv and games room, family room and billiard room


These star stickers are different to the other ones we offer. They are designed to glow just as bright as our others stars, but on a dark ceiling.

The main problem with installing a Star Ceiling in your home theater, is that the dark ceiling paint really diminishes the star's ability to glow nice and bright.

That's why we formulated a new type of glow star especially to combat this problem.

By adding an extra layer to each and every star, these Home Theater stars will glow just as bright as our regular stars.

But what makes our stars superior to other's available?

Other companies may sell you flat glow in the dark circle stickers, and say they look realistic. But those "stars" are quite different to the 3d dome shaped stars we make.

The beauty of our stars is that they each glow intensely in the middle, and are surrounded by a realistic hazy glow. Just like real stars!

Also, because our stars come in 3 different colors (or magnitudes), some glow more brightly and others more dimly. This is what will give your Star Ceiling depth because some stars seem closer and others seem further away.

What's included?
Each A4 sheet of 250 glow stars has:
~15 giant stars (approx 3/8" or 10mm)
~100+ constellation stars (approx 2/8" or 6mm) and
~140+ tiny stars (less than 1/8" or 3mm)

These realistic stars are an off-white color during the day, and glow slightly different colors at night.

In the dark, the colors are difficult to detect by the human eye, and instead look like the stars at various levels of brightness.

That means your Star Ceiling will have a real 3D effect because some stars are brighter and seem closer, whereas others are dimmer and seem more distant.

Check out some reviews:
"I really feel like I am sleeping under the stars. What an amazing product, you won't be disappointed!! " Amanda, New Jersey

"The smallest stars provide a depth while the medium and large stars give the feel of main stars involved in constellations. They almost appear to twinkle in the dark and look very realistic." – Christopher, Massachusetts

"These stars are fantastic, bought them for my sons themed room and he loves them .. Can't wait to go to bed!" – John, UK

Why buy these glow-in-the-dark stars?
~ They resemble real stars, not the 5-pointed cartoon version
~ Easy to install, just peel and stick

And when the lights go out, that’s when the magic begins…Out from nowhere the stars will appear!

~ Glows all night long**
~ Effortlessly recharged by sunlight or your bedside lamp
~ Or use a UV blacklight to supercharge them. Bundle a UV blacklight with your stars and save:
~ The stars seem to twinkle, just like the real night sky
~ Satisfaction is guaranteed

How many stars should you get?

100 – 150 sqft home theater room: 750 stars (3 sheets)
150 – 200sqft home theater room: 1,000 stars (4 sheets)
200 – 250sqft home theater room: 1,250 stars (5 sheets)
250 – 300sqft home theater room: 1,500 stars (6 sheets)

For more star saturation (like in the first photo) or for a bigger room, you may want to buy even more. Contact me for a special price.

Bright ideas:
~ Use the biggest stars to map out your favorite constellations
~ Use similar sized stars to spell out a special name or message
~ Buy extra and use the leftovers on the walls, for a "Lost in Space" look
~ Decorate a lamp shade with stars for a very energy efficient night light
~ Stick stars on any painting or poster. By day, you'll see the original picture. But by night, it'll look like there's a window into outer space!
~ Place large stars on light switches so you can find them without fumbling in the dark
~ Stick stars to your window like decals.
~ Add some beautiful extras like this Glow in the Dark Moon: or a Glowing Milky Way:

How long will it take to put them all up?
Each 250 sheet will take approx 30-60 mins to install.

Can I use them on a textured ceiling?
Yes, the stars normally bend around the crevices of a textured ceiling. The only exception is they don't stick well to the popcorn ceilings that crumble off when you touch it.

Are they removable?
No. The adhesive on these glow in the dark stars gets stronger over a few days after application. You may be able to remove them in the future with tweezers, but this sometimes peels off little bits of paint at the same time.

If you're renting, I highly suggest you put them on large sheets of paper or removable wallpaper before attaching to the ceiling.

Alternatively, consider ordering a StarScenes Star Window instead:

Star Windows are hand-painted onto a canvas type material, which is sticky on one side. This special removable adhesive is guaranteed not to damage your walls or ceiling.

Your order should be ready to ship in 1-3 business days. You will receive a tracking number once your order has been shipped, so you can track it online. Please allow 3-10 business days for shipping, depending on your location, time of year, weather delays and your postal system's efficiency. A faster shipping option is also available when you place your order.

If your country is not listed in the shipping options, please message me and I'll get it set up for you.

Please note: if you live outside of Australia, you may be subject to duty and/or taxes depending on your country's importing rules.

All my products are for decorative purposes only and are not to be used as a toy or be played with. Please keep well away from tiny and active hands and mouths.


**Made from the highest quality glow-in-the-dark material, you can expect the stars to glow brightly for the first hour. During the night they'll continue to glow albeit a little more gently. And as the sun comes up, the stars will disappear…just like in the real night sky.

Important: Just like all glow in the dark stars, you need a dark room for viewing. As such, these stars are not ideal if you want to view them while a movie or any other ambient light is on. If this is what you're looking for, I'd recommend having some fiber optic lights installed instead.

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